Your Book in Conversations

“Pema creates simplicity out of conundrum. More importantly she finds the real meaning and helps people pursue their thoughts in a much more substantial and clear way. It’s a pretty incredible gift. I’ve never met someone who can do that quite like Pema.”
—Matt Harding, VP Marketing,

If you’re just starting your book, the Talk Your Draft, Write Your Book series options here are designed to help you write your first draft manuscript as you progress from one step to the next. It’s possible your circumstance falls somewhere between the series. If you’ve been collecting data for years, taking a stab at the story with chapters partially complete, or have watched your ideas spark up and flame out, we’ll talk in “Your Bright Idea” call about where you’re stopped and which step is the best starting point for you. Read on, and imagine what book you’ll bring to life.

Your Bright Idea

Find and frame your book idea

Everybody has them. Your great big truths. The beliefs you’ve won over years of experience, observation, fierce dedication to the cause, love. Your Bright Idea is circling your heart and your brain right now–even if you haven’t yet articulated it clearly. What do you want to share with the world? What expertise? Core set of values? Method to madness only you can decode? What knowledge have you gained that the world would be better having read? How will you enrich your people, your practice? What legacy will you leave behind? Let’s talk it out and make it real. Find and frame your book idea in one call:

1 call
75 – 90 minutes
mp3 recording of call + extensive call notes

Sound right for you?


Design & Shine

Stories, Format + Chapter Outline

Here we plug in and talk about you, your life, your work. We talk into creation the ways you help your tribe, how your offer changes people’s lives, and how your experiences pull your readers intimately into your message. I’ll ask you the ever deepening questions that get you there, listen to the pulse and pace of your message, and together in our conversation, we’ll organize it into a chapter outline.

3 – 6 calls
60-90 minutes each
mp3 recording of each call
Content strategy
Chapter outline

Sound right for you?


Talk Your Chapters

Just like it sounds

Using your outline—from Design & Shine if you don’t have one already—we talk each chapter’s content. Each conversation dives deep into the message points, the details, the stories surrounding and supporting them. At the end of this step, you have your book’s first draft recorded in conversations!

10 calls
60-90 minutes each
mp3 recording of each call
6-8 separate chapters
Introduction + conclusion
= Completed first draft content

Sound right for you?


Illuminated Manuscript

Convert conversations to the page. Polish + complete.

Transpose your chapters from conversation to written narrative. Along the way, I’ll ask questions for clarity. Counsel for depth. Edit for impact. You’ll re-shape and polish.

This series has a selection of possible structures, depending on what’s most supportive to the need. Once a structure is selected, that structure will include a finite period inside of which to finish that draft version of the manuscript, i.e. a draft deadline or chapter deadlines.

Sound right for you?