Story Charming Parties

Story Charming Party PortlandStory Charming is that magical thing that happens when we remind each other of our stories, and then tell them. The community Story Charming Party is salon-like in spirit, networking by nature, and a really fun way to get together and listen to some remarkable humanity.

Private or retreat-inspired Story Charming Parties are facilitated specifically for your celebration or retreat, and lead participants quickly and deeply into the subject matter of your creative getaway or celebration.

This is NOT where you come prepared with a performance and sweat beaded on your brow.

It’s story-talking conversation,
in the moment inspiration,

We gather most often in Portland or San Francisco’s Bay Area, but would be happy to come to your city. If you’d like to guest host a community party or set up a Story Charming Party for your organization or group, or if you’re curious about hosting and would like to chat it out, just drop a line and inquire: Pema [@] StoryCharmer [dot] com

Come talk story with us. It won’t be the same without you.

Party Praise

On the street I now look at a sea of strangers who have been through all kinds of amazing experiences and wish I could hear their tales.  – David Vanadia, health guide and story teller

We have so many little gems tucked away in our brains, and obviously, we can’t pull them out all the time. Something has to trigger it….And in those moments of sharing our stories with one another, we become intertwined in someone else’s experience and it’s quite profound. It’s not anything you can plan for, and I love the spontaneity of it all.  – Debbie Lamedman, playwright and instructor

It’s an opportunity to hear and express truth. And nothing is sexier. Period. – Dave Markowitz, medical intuitive

It is a circle of people, like being around a campfire of people who have information, feelings, joy and sorrow to share. The possibility for real bonding is there. Even transformation.  – Sandra deHelen, writer

For me growing up in South Carolina, storytelling was a way of life. It was just a natural part of everyday visits with family and friends. It makes me sad to see that it’s becoming a lost art. In a way, it seems odd that we need to create a forum specifically to tell stories. …[Y]our gatherings are helping people to realize the connection and joy and insight that comes from telling and listening to stories. Thank you! – Alice Gray Gregory, life traveler

I was a little intimidated at first, but you made a safe and creative atmosphere and I ended up enjoying myself a lot….Everyone has something interesting to say. – Graeme Harrison, creative executive

I really enjoy sharing stories and seeing how one sparks another, creating a chain of inter-related stories and shared experiences. – Robert Falconer, web programmer